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Making the decision to finally take care of some things that should have been done long ago with orthodontics, was a difficult one for me to make. Not knowing what I was getting into, I made the consultation appointment.
At the appointment the staff and Dr. Aron were all so nice, laid back and there wasn't any pressure. They confidently showed me the strength of my smile as it was, but the potential with my treatment option for an even stronger smile. I was reluctant, but I went for it.
And they were right!! I am very happy with my new smile and feel much more confident now. I notice the difference and I know my friends do to. (They thought I was crazy to do this at 46 years old at first, but are amazed at the results).
Dr. Aron and the wonderful staff were amazing for each and every appointment, call and procedure. It was great getting to know everyone and I am very glad I did this for me and that I picked OSS to do this. I would recommend OSS to anyone and everyone.

Everyone at OSS is very friendly and attentive, and they do a great job of making kids feel welcome and at ease. The staff patiently explains the whole treatment and financial commitments up front so we know what to expect. They also make scheduling appointments super easy, with lots of text reminders, and are on top of getting notes for school!

OSS is a great place to get your teeth straightened. I love how my smile looks. They did an outstanding job.